Fun Facts

The Fabrizio Bride and The D’amici Mistake were originially set in Rome, Italy. Sarika and Elena both had American mothers and spent most of their life in America.

The D’amici Mistake was written when Alyson was pregnant, so all of the pregnancy related scenes and medical knowledge are based on her personal experiences at the time.

Alyson is a mom of four-year-old twins, but unlike in The D’amici Mistake, when Alyson had her ultrasound she was shocked to see TWO fluttering heartbeats – which her husband had predicted all along despite her insistence there would only be one. 🙂

Alyson is married to Ken Hawryliw who is the Prop Master on Arrow. This is the latest in a long line of popular TV shows Ken has worked on, including The X-Files, Millennium, Battlestar Galactica and Caprica. In addition to doing props, Ken also co-wrote an X-Files episode called Trevor that was produced in the sixth season.

Some of Alyson’s previous jobs include production coordinator at a TV station and writer/producer of short documentaries for teens. Alyson also created “paper props” for some of the iconic TV shows Ken worked on. A paper prop might have been anything from a psychiatric or police report Special Agent Dana Scully read on The X-Files to an after-action or Cylon detection report Commander Adama read on Battlestar Galactica.