The D’amici Mistake

Deleted Scenes


1. Santo’s In Love

This is from Santo’s POV – when he first introduces Elena to his mom AND realizes he loves Elena.

* * *

Santo stared down at the two most important women in his life as he introduced them to one another and noticed his hand shook. Not a lot, but enough that he fisted it to get a hold of himself before shoving it in his pocket. He’d a been a soldier in combat and his hand had never trembled like that before.

Why would he be nervous? Excited, maybe, but not nervous. His mother was sure to love Elena as much as he did.

He stilled as he heard the words in his head. Did he love her? He knew he wanted to build a life with her, was so damn excited she carried his child, and wanted to make love to her endlessly, but he’d never had feelings for any woman in that way before. Like he would be devastated if his mother didn’t like her.

But then he’d never been with a woman like Elena before.


2. Elena and her Mother

This was originally part of the scene when Elena confronts her mother for the second time at their family home.

* * *

“Is that what happened to you?” Elena asked.

“It’s what always happens, and it’s what your policeman will do to you,” Amanda said.  “He’ll grow bored and distant. So you’ll pick fights to get his attention, but that will just push him further away. Then you’ll find him looking at other women, wishing he were by their side not yours.” She flung her hand out to her daughter. “And look at you, you have no chance of keeping a man like him interested.”

Elena was shocked by her mother’s vehemence, by her vitriol. Was everything she said true? Maybe, but Elena wasn’t her mother and Santo wasn’t her father. And whether Amanda believed what she’d said or not, a mother should never say such things to her daughter.


3. When in Rome

It wasn’t until I re-read this deleted section that I remembered I’d originally set both books in Rome. Is baby brain still a thing when your kids are no longer babies, lol?

 * * *

Santo laughed at the look on her face before she retreated down the hall. He loved how she walked – hips swaying, chin held high. Saucy and sexy. He couldn’t wait to see what she looked like when her pregnancy started to show. He wanted her permanently in his bed by then, so he could take full advantage.

Of his wife.

Whom he should feed. Heading toward the kitchen, he dialed another number. “Buongiorno, mamma. Come sta?”



4. Elena reminisces

Another deleted snippet from The D’amici Mistake – this one from Elena’s POV.

 * * *

Taking a deep breath, she watched him from beneath her lashes, a part of her wishing they’d never met. The first time she’d been just a girl watching him play soccer with her brother. So big and commanding even then. He’d always noticed her, spoken to her and ruffled her hair, made her feel special. Then later on when they’d met through Sarika, Elena had been all grown up.

It seemed she’d adored him forever, but she’d get over it. Was already over it.



5. Santo’s subconscious

Santo continues to battle with his emotions and how he feels about Elena.

 * * *

He wasn’t a man to dig deep into his own feelings – he made choices based on instinct combined with sharp analysis – but in this case, his feelings were too complex not to be looked at. Frustration, desire, and awe about the new baby, but also trepidation he’d lose Elena. Which unsettled him not only because it meant his child would be raised out of wedlock, but because he wanted Elena for Elena.