2017 RONE Awards

Hi Everyone—Great News!

Sarika and Rafe’s story, The Fabrizio Bride, has been nominated for a 2017 RONE award in the Contemporary: Steamy category.

Voting starts today and lasts one week (May 22 – 28).


The winner is determined in three stages: 1) Highly reviewed books in Ind’tale magazine make the first cut 2) All of my readers—like you—get to vote in the second cut!! 3) Industry professionals make the final decision.

So…PLEASE…if you LOVED Sarika and Rafe, LOVED how they finally came together in The Fabrizio Bride, take the time to click on the link below and help push them (and me!) to the finals.


When you vote, you’ll have to register with Ind’tale Magazine. There’s a link on the page to take you right there.

Thanks again, everyone! And FYI: I’m hoping to write a third book in the Sizzling, Sexy, Santa Barbara series this summer called The Berrucci Rules starring Lorenzo and Callie—can’t wait!!

Much love to you all,

Alyson McLayne  🙂


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