Hi Guys!

It’s been about two months now since I put The Fabrizio Bride up on Wattpad, and I’ve had some wonderfully encouraging, heartwarming, and hilarious messages/comments since then.


I’ve also had a few detractors. Which is fine—good, actually—everyone’s entitled to their opinion and when you’re invested in a book, you’re often very passionate about it—whether you love it or hate it.

And you know what? ALL the comments, positive and negative, have helped me to look at my manuscript with new eyes, to see what what’s bugging people, what’s making them laugh, what’s making them sigh—so I can revise and create a better book.


After about a month of digging through the muck of a major revision—mostly on the first third of the book—I have come out the other side with a story I’m much happier with.

I heard all of you, and I recognized what an invaluable source Wattpad is to find the weak spots in my manuscript. I worked a lot on Rafe to show his broken side, to make him more heroic and caring in the beginning, so he’s someone everyone can root for. And I worked on Sarika, too, giving her more strength and resolve while still allowing her vulnerability to show through. I cut scenes, added scenes, reworked scenes, all with the hope of creating a stronger story and more admirable characters.

I would love you all to re-read The Fabrizio Bride, if you have time—if not the whole book then the first three chapters. And PLEASE let me know what you think. Did I succeed? Or do I need to pull my gum boots back on and keep digging?

Maybe in the future…but for now, I think I’ve written a better book. I hope you all do, too.


Alyson McLayne

fabrizio bride book 1damici book 2

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