fabrizio bride book 1I’m contemplating more revisions on my self-published novel The Fabrizio Bride – and because it’s a digital book, I can do that (yay e-books!). Not the whole thing, just the first three or four chapters. The thing is, I keep revising and revising this sucker because I wrote the first three chapters about ten years ago, put it down, then wrote the rest a few years later. And it shows (at least it does to me). I’ve become a better writer since then and my writing voice has changed and developed. So now I’m not sure the beginning of The Fabrizio Bride reflects my true writing voice. The last half of the book with the…and the…well, I don’t want to give it away, but the last half is TOTALLY my voice, lol.

But just the thought of a major revision makes me tired, especially when I think of how many revisions I’ve already completed on this book. I finished the last one a few days ago only to get a critique back from a trusted writer friend who made some really good points. Points that require me to go into the manuscript and rip it up, not just patch it over. It’s like digging up your front lawn and putting down new sod versus doing a power rake and throwing some grass seed on top. You’re thrilled with the results once the new sod is laid, but when you’re doing it, you feel like you’ll never get out of the muck – especially if you have kids running back and forth through the dirt (you know who you are!).

The problem is that I keep thinking this revision is going to FINALLY fix all the problems and the book will be perfect (yeah, right). As a writer, it’s hard to let go because the books we write are a reflection of us, as well as an indication of our future books. But that’s not necessarily the case. In the same way that we grow and change as people, our skill as writers (and what interests us to write) grows and changes. Someone who read the first three chapters of The Fabrizio2134981 Bride (or God forbid my first two novels before that!) might not recognize my voice in my 2016 Golden Heart manuscript WØLFF: Rise Of The Valdyr, which is a paranormal romance filled with myth, magic, world-building, and save-the-world type action.

But there’s also a lot about The Fabrizio Bride that I love, which is why I keep going back to fix it and why I decided to self-publish it. And I know a lot of you loved it, too – exactly as it is – and you’re probably asking yourselves, what problems? Bless you. You’ve been wonderfully supportive since I started this self-publishing journey. I’m so happy that the book moved you – made you laugh and cry – I intend to keep all that good stuff. For all the wonderful comments, however, I’ve also had some not-so-wonderful comments. And the detractors haven’t held back any punches. When I remove the sting of the hits, I can see they have some good points, too.

So, back to the drawing board. Back to reworking some of Rafe and Sarika’s motivations and also re-thinking what’s happened in their lives just before the book starts and why they broke up in the first place. Back to making Rafe a little more heroic from the start and showing his broken side a little better. Back to making Sarika a little less likely to succumb to passion, but still not being afraid to show she’s hurt without people perceiving her as weak.

Anyway…must…start…revising. I shall let you know when I come out of the muck of revisions and hopefully have a better book.  🙂

Take care,

Alyson McLayne
2016 Golden Heart Finalist – WØLFF: Rise Of The Valdyr

P.S. Check out book two in my Sizzling, Sexy, Santa Barbara series, The D’amici Mistake!

damici book 2

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