Golden Heart® Finalist!

I was sleeping with the kids this morning (my daughter had a bad night) when my phone started vibrating. It was just after eight. I debated answering it because both kids were still asleep, and I wanted to be, lol. But then I saw it was from the States, and suddenly I was WIDE AWAKE. I picked up and proceeded to do a lot of whooping and happy dancing (waking the kids) as I was told one of my manuscripts, a paranormal romance called WØLFF: Rise Of The Valdyr, was nominated for the Golden Heart Award. For those of you who don’t know, the Golden Heart is like the Academy Award for unpublished authors. I don’t have an actual book cover for the manuscript yet, but here’s a fantastic photo my husband found for me.

wolf eyes

See official announcement here

2016 RITA® & Golden Heart Finalists Announced

Romance Writers of America (RWA), the trade association for aspiring and published romance fiction authors, announces the finalists for the 2016 RITA and Golden HeartAwards. The RITA — the highest award of distinction in romance fiction — recognizes excellence in published romance novels and novellas. The Golden Heart recognizes excellence in unpublished romance manuscripts.

Up to 2,000 romance novels are entered in the RITA competition each year. A novel may be entered either by the author or by the book’s publisher in one of the contest categories. After the first round of judging by published romance authors, entries that meet the qualifications to become a finalist then advance to the final round.

The 2016 winners will be announced at a black-tie awards ceremony on July 16 at the 2016 RWA Annual Conference in San Diego, California.

Paranormal Romance

“Better Dead” by Pamela Kopfler

“Constant Craving” by Kari W. Cole

“Don’t Call Me Cupcake” by Tara Sheets

“Kissed at Midnight” by Ainsley Wynter

“The Mer Chronicles: A Duty Too Far” by Kate Ramirez

“Taxing Courtship” by Jaycee Jarvis

“WØLFF: Rise of the Valdyr” by Alyson McLayne


Also listed on USA Today

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