As my kids said repeatedly tonight before they went to bed: three more sleeps until Easter!! They’re excited because a big-eared, fluffy-tailed, chocolate-wielding bunny will sneak into our house when everyone’s sleeping and leave them candy. Me? I find it all just a bit creepy—especially when I think about what that bunny might be wearing (and how much chocolate I’ll probably eat!).

Speaking of chocolate… as you can see, my chocolate lab cross, Jasper, is pretty excited about Easter too. When I bought the bunny ears, the tag said they were chocolate-scented, but I guess you had to be a dog to smell it. And he did. Repeatedly…and lick them and gnaw on them…as I was trying to snap the photo. I took a loooooot of pictures! (No bunny ears were damaged during the making of this blog!).
Please share any of your chocolate—I mean—Easter traditions down below. Have a great weekend, Everyone!!

**This blog was originally published on the Casablanca Authors blog on March 30, 2018.