This is release week for Highland Promise, my first traditionally-published book, and I’m so excited. I was asked how I would celebrate, and all I can say is this…there will be Bellinis. Several of them. And clinking of raised glasses. Maybe a teary speech and lots of giddy laughter with my friends and family. What? You don’t know what a Bellini is? Recipes vary, but my favorite is a peach, champagne, rum, and sangria bomb of yummy goodness. Kind of like a slurpee but better. Much better.

And there will be chocolate. Guaranteed. The thick, creamy expensive kind, not the cheap, waxy stuff. And why restrict myself to release day? How about release week? I understand why I can’t be drunk all week, but seven consecutive days of chocolate? Oh, yes.

And I’m sure I’ll make several trips to bookstores in my area, looking for my book and blurting out to anyone who passes, I wrote this! And despite having a whole box of books at home my publisher sent me, I’m sure I’ll buy several copies because—I WROTE THIS!


Much time may be spent alone with Darach MacKenzie, my hero, stroking his, um, cover. Because, well, look at him—he’s the Bellini equivalent of a Highland Laird. A hot Scottish bomb of yummy goodness. And because September tried to kill me, there will be sleeping, lots of it, with Darach tucked in beside me, the smell of a new book—my book—lulling me to napping heaven.

I plan to get my hair streaked and toes painted, finally get the new lenses put in my snazzy glasses, try those magnetic fake eyelashes, find a chiropractor to fix my sore neck that September tried to break, buy myself a fitbit, and dust off my old clothes hanger/treadmill.

Because here’s the last way I’m planning to celebrate my book release—a week of fun in the sun with the family. Yeah, baby!


This blog was originally posted on the Casa Authors blog on October 6, 2017