Oh, September. What have I ever done to you?

Anybody else have a killer month? As I look back on my calendar I can’t help feeling like a Werewolf Viking Warrior Princess who’s slayed ALL THE TASKS and made it, dripping with computer cables and peach jam (my daughter’s favorite), all the way to Valhalla (aka October).

First, I had a book to finish.

And not a small amount of writing to do either. A LOT. Like…50,000 words. Granted, I know some people can easily do that in four weeks, but I’m not one of them. It made it easier that my book was outlined and I was sliding into home plate, of course, but I still had to sit—butt in chair, hands on keyboard—long after my eyes had blurred. The good news is…I did it! World, meet HIGHLAND BETRAYAL, weighing in at 331 pages and 91,067 words. HIGHLAND BETRAYAL, meet the world! HIGHLAND BETRAYAL is the third book in my Scottish Highlander Romantic Adventure series, THE SONS OF GREGOR MACLEOD, and stars Callum MacLean and Maggie MacDonnell—due out next August!


Yes, my babies are finally going to school…and gymnastics, ballet, music, hockey (hey, I’m Canadian), and a Learn To Read class. Ugh, that alone is enough to do in one month. What the heck, I can sleep through Halloween, right? (All kids everywhere are now screaming in horror!)

But the real killer about the kids going to school and all their new activities isn’t the driving or the kids’ melt downs from being overwhelmed and over-stimulated, it’s the hour rush almost EVERY morning to get them out the door on time. Am I right, moms? Like, who invented that? And it doesn’t help that I’m a night owl, and when midnight rolls around, and I’m still at my computer writing I CAN’T TURN IT OFF!!

Which brings me to coffee…

No, I meant somebody please bring me a coffee! Lol.

Next, I had six blogs and two newsletters to write, including the first two installments of HOW TO OUTPLAY A PLAYER. Why, you ask, did you have to do all those blogs and newsletters?


Because tomorrow is release day for HIGHLAND PROMISE!!!

HALLELUIAH! Or the Viking equivalent—HALLEVALHALLA!! Seriously, my debut book comes out October 3—as in tomorrow! I am a traditionally published author tomorrow. You can buy HIGHLAND PROMISE at Amazon or Chapters or Target tomorrow! It’s raining puppies and kitties tomorrow!

*Happy sigh*

Bring it on, October.




Now go buy the book and feel all the feels! Fall in love with both Darach and Caitlin…and prepare yourself for Lachlan’s story next: HIGHLAND CONQUEST.

Take care,


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