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H.I.G.H.L.A.N.D. C.O.N.Q.U.E.S.T. — A Challenge!!

I blogged over at Harlequin Junkie recently and they threw THIS puzzle at me: Tell us about the book with this fun little challenge using the title of the book!

Here goes… 

H is for Hot Highland Lairds—five of them plus their foster father in The Sons Of Gregor MacLeod series!

I is for Injustice. All the lairds fight injustice to bring peace to the Highlands.

G is for Gregor MacLeod. Twenty years earlier, Gregor defeated his enemies and fostered their sons,—Darach, Lachlan Callum, Gavin and Kerr—bonding them to him and to each other so they became brothers, thereby honor his wife’s dying wish: to bring peace to the Highlands.

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Merry Christmas 2017!

Ah…Christmas. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: I love the confusion every year as I put the three pieces of our Christmas tree together and can NEVER remember which cord plugs in where to light up the whole tree. I love decorating the tree to beautiful...

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Sold Audio Rights!!

Hello Lovely Readers!! I can't tell you how excited I am to announce that I have sold the audio rights to Recorded Books for the first 4 books in my Highlander series The Sons Of Gregor MacLeod!! HIGHLAND PROMISE (out now!) HIGHLAND CONQUEST (out Feb. 6/18!) HIGHLAND...

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The Writing Life! (#3)

It's November already—one week since I pulled an all-nighter and handed in a manuscript I had to wrestle into submission, and a couple of days post Halloween! Not to mention—my birthday!! I used to have the best birthdays when I was a kid—combination...

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Highland Promise

(Darach & Caitlin)

  • Writing 100%
  • Edits 100%
  • Cover Design 100%

Highland Conquest

(Lachlan & Amber)

  • Writing 100%
  • Edits 100%
  • Cover Design 100%

Highland Betrayal

(Callum & Maggie)

  • Writing 100%
  • Edits 50%
  • Cover Design 75%

How To Outplay A Player

(Lorenzo & Callie)

  • Writing 3%
  • Edits 0%
  • Cover Design 0%