Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and when you’ve been married or with your partner as long as I have, your days are often spent juggling work, kids, the dog, and what to watch on Netflix with your hubby that weekend. The hearts and roses of Valentine’s Days are sometimes a thing of the past. But if they’re not…

Things my husband should NEVER do for me on Valentine’s Day (and one thing he can always do!):

1. Never give me a cute, cuddly stuffed bear that says I love you on its belly… unless the bear is chocolate and stuffed with yummy goodness. How about just saying I love you on your own and giving me a nighttime cuddle?

2. Never take me to dinner and give me a single rose that I have to carry around with me for hours afterward. The rose will become a nuisance, the thorns will prick my fingers, and the petals will wilt like overcooked perogies. However, if it was a chocolate rose…

3. Never plan a fancy evening that requires me to shave my legs, paint my toenails, pull on pantyhose and apply eye shadow without wrangling the kids for me when I’m getting ready. It’s hard enough having a regular shower with the kids coming in every two minutes, let alone when I’m trying to buff five months of calluses from my heels!

4. Never plan an evening out for me and then leave it to me to find a babysitter—surprise me with the whole package!

5. Never underestimate how romantic two tubs of Häagen-Dazs and a night binge-watching Game Of Thrones can be.

6. And if in doubt… Always give me chocolate.


If Valentine’s Day is your thing, I hope you had a wonderful day with your sweetheart!!

Take Care,


**This blog was originally published on the Casablanca Authors blog on February 12, 2018.