Hi everyone, I’m so excited about sending out my first newsletter, I wanted to share some of it here as well. If you want to read my newsletters in full, you’ll have to subscribe!  It was thrilling to send an email introducing my books to readers—including a new scene every couple of weeks of my latest contemporary romance called How To Outplay A Player, starring Lorenzo and Callie! But before I tell you about my writing, here’s a little about me:

I live in Canada with my adorable (aka annoying) five-year-old boy/girl twins; my sweet yet sarcastic husband (who just said he’s not sarcastic at all, he’s ironic—uh huh); my counter-surfing puppy Jasper, who turns one year old the same day my newest release HIGHLAND PROMISE debuts (Happy Birthday, baby!!); and my 86-year-old dad who gets a look on his face every time it’s mentioned there are—gasp—sex scenes in my books…but then goes on to tell me young people (meaning me) did not invent sex.

Ears…burning…must pour…hot oil…inside…

Speaking of ears, as I’m writing this, I have earplugs in because my son is beside me in my office (aka my bedroom) building a fort on the bed, while my Slytherin-declaring daughter waits to knock it down, which results in WW3; Jasper hovers at the edge, barking, until he can’t stand it anymore and jumps onto the mattress with the monsters, er, I mean children; my husband comes in and says something “ironic” about the chaos; and I stare fiercely at my computer screen determined to ignore it ALL.

Just grist for the mill…grist for the mill…said all writer-moms everywhere

Okay. Onto the important part: my books! HIGHLAND PROMISE is a Scottish Highlander Romantic Adventure and debuts October 3, 2017! It’s the first book in my historical romance series, THE SONS OF GREGOR MACLEOD, starring five Highland Lairds, who were fostered together to become brothers. Darach, Lachlan, Callum, Gavin, and Kerr fight for their clans, for each other, and for their own true love.

I started writing HIGHLAND PROMISE 10 years ago after reading ALL of Julie Garwood’s medieval-set historicals, most of which took place in the Highlands. I found them captivating. I don’t read many books over and over, but I did hers. I think HIGHLAND PROMISE captures that same tone: Caitlin MacInnes is the Waif/Free Spirit who turns the Chieftain, Laird Darach MacKenzie’s life upside down—and then spins it around and dribbles with it for a while.

Darach is undone by her. His heart, which he swore he’d NEVER give to another woman, is torn from his body and becomes putty in her hands. Of course, he doesn’t know that at first, and even when he figures it out, he doesn’t tell her—he’s a warrior not a poet! And Caitlin, who is determined to make Darach happy whether he wants her to or not, doesn’t believe there’s any possible way she can stay with him. She needs to leave immediately ’cause there’s a whole lotta trouble on her tail (some might call it a shite storm—haha!). But what Caitlin fails to realize is that Darach, along with his brothers and their clans, is strong enough to handle it.

Now go buy the book and feel all the feels! Fall in love with both Darach and Caitlin…and prepare yourself for Lachlan’s story next: HIGHLAND CONQUEST.


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